MAURITIUS: Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Scheme 2022 (April 2022 Intake)

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MAURITIUS: Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Scheme 2022 (April 2022 Intake)

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The Government of Mauritius is offering scholarships to eligible South Africans for full-time, on-campus undergraduate and postgraduate programmes tenable in public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Mauritius for the 2022 academic year starting in April 2022.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is the Nominating Agency for South Africans who wish to apply for the Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Scheme. The information below is for South African applicants only. Applicants from other eligible countries should contact their Government or local representative of the Government of Mauritius for information on how to apply.  

Note: This call for applications is for the April 2022 intake only. The call for the October 2022 intake will be published later in the year.

Degree level






31 January 2022 for the April 2022 intake.

Note: Please note that the above deadline differs from what is contained in the guidelines below due to the processing of applications and selection processes that need to be completed by the DHET as the nominating agency. Failure to submit applications and supporting documents by the above due date will result in your application not being considered.

Who can apply?

General criteria:

– South African citizens in good health and with a strong academic record;

– Candidates must have an interest in studying in Mauritius and demonstrate a commitment to the development of South Africa;

– Candidates must be available to study in Mauritius at the start of their academic programme in April 2022;

– All applicants must meet the entry criteria for their selected programme in Mauritius;

– All applicants must meet the minimum academic requirement for entry into a similar programme at a South African university;

– All candidates must have proficiency in English;

– Not be in receipt of a scholarship from any other public source in Mauritius;

– Applicants must have already applied for full-time on-campus studies at any public Higher Education Institution in Mauritius for academic year starting in 2022 (proof of application is required by 19 February 2022);

– Awardees should be vaccinated against COVID-19 to have access to higher education institutions in Mauritius. For awardees who cannot for medical purposes be vaccinated, they will be required to produce duly certified medical certificates;

– Applicants must be prepared to undergo a medical check-up as per the Passport and Immigration Office requirements (, in Mauritius and the tests results shall be submitted to the Passport and Immigration Office, with a copy to the Ministry, not later than one month after arrival in Mauritius.

Undergraduate scholarship applicants:

– Must have successfully completed National Senior Certificate with a Bachelor’s pass and a minimum of 60% average mark achieved, excluding Life Orientation subject;

– Applicants should be above 18 years of age and should not have reached their 26th birthday by August 2022.

– Candidates already holding an undergraduate degree will not be considered.

Master’s scholarship applicants:

– Master’s applicants must have completed an Honour’s degree with a minimum of 60% average mark achieved;

– Applicants should not have reached 35 years of age by 22 August 2022;

– All applicants must submit a detailed study/research plan of about 750 words and a name of a proposed supervisor in Mauritius, where applicable;

– Applicants already holding a Masters’ degree or its equivalent will not be considered.

PhD scholarship applicants:

– PhD applicants must already hold a Master’s by research or equivalent degree in the relevant field with a minimum of 60% average mark achieved;

– Applicants should not have reached 40 years of age by 22 August 2022;

– All applicants must submit a detailed study/research plan of about 1 500 words and a name of a proposed supervisor in Mauritius, where applicable;

– Applicants must submit evidence of support from a named supervisor from one of the universities in Mauritius together with their application;

– Applicants already holding a PhD degree or its equivalent will not be considered.

PhD applicants are required to contact potential supervisors at the following link/emails:

University of Mauritius
University of Technology, MauritiusDirector GeneralRegistrar
[email protected]  [email protected]

Note: Self-financing African students already studying in Mauritius are NOT eligible to apply for the same programme level where they are currently studying under this Scholarship Scheme.

What the scholarship offers

– Tuition fees and course-related costs of up to MUR 100 000.

– Monthly living allowance to the value of MUR 12 500 (approximately R4 500).

– Students will be entitled to free basic health care in public hospitals in Mauritius.

– Return airfare to and from Mauritius by the most economical route.

NB: Awardees will have to make their own arrangements to pay for their one-way air tickets and then apply for a refund upon arrival in Mauritius by providing the necessary original receipts and documentation. Please read the guidelines to ensure you have the correct documents for a refund.

Please note

Successful candidates are required to make provision for all other expenses not covered under this scholarship, i.e. additional tuition costs above the tuition offer, costs of fieldwork, books and re-sit examination costs. Please read the guidelines carefully before applying.

Fields of Study for South African Applicants

Various fields of study are available at participating public tertiary education institutions in Mauritius for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.  More information on study fields is available under guidelines for each study level below.

NB: Applications for medical degrees will not be considered due to unresolved challenges with respect to clinical practice and professional registration.

Application process

All applicants for the scholarship must have already applied for at least one full-time on-campus programme at a public higher education institution of their choice in Mauritius. Either a conditional offer or proof of application or an acknowledgement of application from a Mauritian HEI must be submitted together with the scholarship application. Application for university admission must be made as soon as the Mauritius institutions have opened their application windows on their respective websites.

Should you not have received your proof of application from your chosen institution by 31 January 2022, you will be required to submit the information including proof of payment of application fees by latest 19 February 2022.

Applications for the April 2022 intake may be made at any of the following institutions:

For Undergraduate Programme 
InstitutionTentative application windowWebsite
University of Technology, MauritiusDecember 2021March
Polytechnics Mauritius LtdDecember 2021February
 For Postgraduate Programme
InstitutionTentative application windowWebsite
University of MauritiusDecember 2021February
University of Technology, MauritiusJanuary 2022March
Université des MascareignesDecember 2021February
Mahatma Gandhi InstituteDecember 2021February

PhD applicants are requested to contact potential Supervisors on the following link/emails.

University of Mauritius
Université des MascareignesList of Potential Supervisors at Université des Mascareignes –
University ofTechnology, MauritiusDirector GeneralRegistrar
[email protected][email protected]

STEP ONE: Submit an application for admission to identified eligible institutions in Mauritius (an application fee may be required and should be paid by the applicant as soon as the applicant has been informed of a successful nomination by the DHET). The application fee shall be refunded to successful applicants.

Final due date for submission of conditional offer/proof of application and proof of payment for application is 19 February 2022.

STEP TWO: Complete the Mauritius Africa Scholarship Scheme application form and email it to [email protected] no later than 31 January 2022 for April 2022 intake. At this point applicants are not required to complete section 6 (medical certificate). Applicants are requested to make sure they utilise the correct application form for their level of study.

The following documents MUST accompany the completed application form:

– Certified copy of birth certificate.

– Certified copy of biodata page of passport.

– Certified copies of all post-school qualification certificate.

– Certified copies of all post-school academic transcripts.

– Copy of letter of conditional offer by a public Higher Education Institution in Mauritius (if available at time of application) OR proof of application/ copy of acknowledgement notice from a Mauritian public HEI that the application has been made and the appropriate application fee has been paid. Due date 19 February 2022.

-Proof of payment of application fees.

– All postgraduate (Master’s and PhD) applications must attach a 1-2 page research plan, including research aims and objectives, methodology and social relevance of the proposed study. Please refer to the guidelines for information about the study plan.

All documents submitted must be clear and in PDF format (no photographs of documents will be accepted).

STEP THREE: Shortlisted applicants may be required to complete an online questionnaire that will be sent in due course.

Following receipt of the online questionnaire, there will be further shortlisting of applicants going into the next round of selection who may be invited to attend an interview between  7 – 11 February 2022. Successful applicants from the interviews will be informed by 11 February 2022 on the next steps.

ONLY nominated applicants will be requested to submit the medical certificate completed and stamped by a Registered Medical Practitioner in Section 6 of the Mauritius-Africa Scholarship application form. Applicants should be prepared to pay for the medical checkup. The fully completed application document should be submitted to the DHET by no later than 19 February 2022.

STEP FOUR: Nominated applicants will be informed of their final nomination and their application will be further reviewed by the Government of Mauritius and the final decision on the successful applicants will be made.


All enquiries should be sent to: [email protected]

All applications received by the DHET will be acknowledged by email within 2 working days after 3 January 2022. Please follow up if you do not receive an email acknowledgement.

Documents and links

2022 Call for Application

2022 Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Application Form for undergraduate programme

2022 Mauritius-Africa Scholarship Application Form for postgraduate programme

2022 Guidelines for Applicants – Diploma and Undergraduate degree

2022 Guidelines for Applicants Masters Programmes

2022 Guidelines for Applicants – Mphil/PhD Programmes

Université des Mascareignes list of potential supervisors for PhD Programmes


Please note that this scholarship is not offered by the Department of Higher Education and Training. Applicants are required to undertake their own research into programmes and institutions and are responsible for ensuring that the qualifications will be recognised in South Africa. If there are any discrepancies in the details provided regarding the scholarship, the information given by the sponsor supersedes the details provided above. No additional financial support will be provided by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

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